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Phoenix Arizona Gas Heating Systems

Gas Heating Systems

Gas furnace systems have been used for decades to warm homes in extreme climates, but due to Arizona’s hot climate, these systems are not as popular as the heating pump systems. The following information includes some of the pros and cons of a gas furnace system.

Efficiency. Because a gas furnace system is built for extremely cold environments and uses gas, they are often less energy efficient than heat pump systems.

Installation Cost. Gas furnace systems require a good ventilation system in your home, so if your home is not already equipped with adequate ventilation it will need to be installed. This adds an extra upfront cost to your heating system’s installation.

Operating costs. Because gas furnaces run off of natural gas, they are often more expensive to run than the electric heat pump system.

Safety. A gas furnace is quite safe, but it is subject to all the risk associated with natural gas in a home, which includes possible leaks that could result in an explosion or fire.

Cleanliness. The products of gas combustion can result in dirtier air and less desirable indoor air quality in the home.

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